My new Online Retouching Course for Beauty & Portrait

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My new Online Retouching Course for Beauty & Portrait

For a long time I’ve had on my mind the idea of developing an online retouching course. I had polls on social media, listened to every student’s feedback from both my in-person workshops and Skype sessions over the years. And then… I had a baby. A wonderful, smart and funny son. Such a blessing.

But work with a newborn? HA!

Those of you who have children need me to say no more. For those of you who don’t have children yet, just imagine being suddenly put in charge of 4 adorable, untrained and constantly hungry puppy dogs.

When the time was finally right to put this online retouching course together, I was faced with all the initial preparation. Just like when I wrote my book ‘Lighting People’, before diving into planning and creating the manuscript, I already anticipated a lot of work at the horizon. And just like when I wrote my book, no matter the amount of work anticipated, the creation of this course ended up being far more intense than my expectations.

It’s hard to imagine how much work could be behind creating a retouching course – isn’t it something you can do at your computer in your own time, after all?

The only way I could sum it up is this: planning, emailing, quoting, buying, installing, studying, writing, model-releasing, filming, recording, editing, reviewing, more writing, more editing, building, testing, promoting, launching. Yep, that’s a whole lot of verbs for a whole lot of work!

But rest assured that, just like everything that requires much effort on our part, it also brings much, MUCH satisfaction. 

And it is with much satisfaction that I’m pleased to introduce you to my New Online Retouching Masterclass for Beauty & Portrait.


The course I’ve crafted with love and care, the place where I share all of my retouching knowledge and favourite editing techniques all in one place. Many times over the years I’ve been asked specifically about my retouching workflow, my techniques for skin editing, my colour grading process. Now that, and so much more, is all out there for you to learn.



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