A date night with art

Being busy and rushing around, juggling the many tasks involved with running our own business, can easily drain the creative juices out of our bodies and at times leave us empty, with a primitive urge to get back to the root of it all, to where it all started, to the exact moment we fell in love with art in the very first place.

Because, to me, loving art is not much different than loving a person or loving a place. It is just another relationship that comes with its own sequence of highs and lows, with its excitement and its ‘I need a change’, with the increasing comfort and the surprises that can silently turn into expectations with the passing of time. And, like any other relationship on the face of this earth, it is a delicate thing that needs to be nourished to be able to grow, to last.

So when I feel like we are together, but not really paying much attention to one another; when she speaks, but I’m too busy to listen; on those times we get out of synch and every hiccup drives us over the edge, I know that it is time to slow down and reconnect, to hold hands again, to look into each other’s eyes and see deep down, down where eyes can rarely reach. See with our inner eye the love that we have and that has brought us here through the years.

So I set up a ‘date night’ with my art.

A time for us and us only, unavailable to the rest of this fast-pacing world, where we are free to slow down or walk backwards or make cartwheels in our imagination at a hundred miles an hour. A time where time is not measured, where I forget the meaning of words such as ‘deadlines’ or ‘guidelines’ and any other word that ends with ‘lines’, and for a moment I remember again that I’m here to be, not just to do.

And so I am, I freely am who I am in this precious, timeless space I create for me and my lover, my art, where we plan and brainstorm and shoot and can just about grasp the meaning of life for a split second. And together we go back to love and I go back to being myself again. To being an artist.

Model portrait photographed by Rossella Vanon

rossellavanon_8403_res     Model Jemilla King photographed by Rossella Vanon in gel lighting for Profoto

Model India Tuersley Tess models portrait photographed by Rossella Vanon. Flowers hydrangeas spring summer colour

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