Six Beauty lighting setups for Profoto

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Six Beauty lighting setups for Profoto

When Profoto contacted me about doing a shoot for their range of soft boxes, I didn’t hesitate one second. They are one of my favourite teams to work with, and, well – soft boxes? They are just my soulmates.

Profoto knew what they wanted, but also left a lot of creative freedom, which is a great playground for an artist. Once the mood board was done and approved, I was asked to come up with a lighting setup for the shoot, one that would give off the vibe reflected in the mood board and showcase soft boxes in any shape and size I wanted.

This is where the crazy part of me thought: one beauty lighting setup? How about SIX instead??

Beauty shoots are commonly made of around 6 makeup and/or hair changes. My mission on this project became to have a different lighting setup for each beauty look, whilst being very careful to maintain the main mood, exposure and colours throughout the shoot.

The key, on shoots were lights get changed often, such as on location or even in studio, is tethering. On this project, I took my time to compare each new lighting setup with the previous shots on Capture 1, to ensure consistency was maintained throughout. It helped enormously.

I had a great time on this project, working shoulder to shoulder with my favourite people.

For BTS video go on my Youtube channel.

For full lighting diagrams go to the Profoto blog page.

BTS photography by Carolina Nikotian.

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