20 things about me

As a photographer, I spent years letting pictures do the talk. And while I certainly always hope that my images are worth a thousand words to some, I also realised that I have more than a thousand things to say and that megapixels were not enough of a voice anymore.

The time spent behind the camera gave me the chance to express a lot of who I am in my work; every shoot deeply soaked in my mood, painted in my colours, screaming out my choices.

But I am not just my work. I am more than my work. I am more than the projects that turn into a success and I am more than the projects that don’t. I am deeper than an umbrella, I have way more definition than a medium format camera, and I can be more difficult to handle than that sync cable that slips out of the camera socket ALL THE TIME. (And yes, at times I can be even more annoying than Capture One freezing while you tether).

For a long time I have been waiting to have a website with a blog section, and finally here it is. From now on I look forward to sharing more – more behind the scenes, more thoughts, more lighting setups, more vulnerability all around. And I am going to start by sharing 20 personal things about me that not many people know.

1  I hand-feed my local squirrel on my windowsill every morning. Once he bit me, but we are still friends.

2  I am totally addicted to sunshine. I go out when the sun is out, I turn towards it, I walk towards it. I cross my fingers every morning for good weather. Basically, I have serious sunflower behaviour.

3  Backpacking around New Zealand alone for a month has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life.

4  I used to play the violin, the flute, the bass and the guitar. Music used to be my life before photography came along.

5  I have never really known my favourite colour. (I just tried and I still have no idea).

6  I used to be a swimmer and I competed in the national championship.

7  I have recently discovered that I can’t live without almond butter.

8  I have been vegetarian for almost 9 years and it has been the most rewarding decision of my entire life.

9  During my rock’n’roll teenage years I used to wear ripped jeans (when they were still a symbol of transgression and they were not sold in Zara) and I had pink hair.

10  I am quiet. I like quiet places and I hate loud noises. Apart from rock music, of course.

11  I love yoga, but headstands make me anxious. Basically, I need another yoga class to relax after doing one.

12  Two of my favourite things in the world are going out for walks in nature when the sun is out and curling up under a blanket with a book or a TV series when it rains.

13  I sing whenever I am in the car. I just can’t help it. It’s so much more inspiring than the shower and the acoustic is way better than my bathroom’s. People just LOVE IT…

14  One part of me is totally afraid of speaking in public, whilst the other absolutely loves doing talks and seminars and is thrilled at the thought.

15  I don’t wear any real leather or fur and I don’t use any products that have been tested on animals.

16  I believe that food is the best medicine and I read books on nutrition in my spare time.

17  When I was young I had a chicken that used to sit in my bicycle’s basket and I would ride around with her. She loved it. I think.

18  When I walk down the street I can’t help but look into people’s houses. It’s such a cosy feeling.

19  Sunsets will never stop to deeply move me. Literally. They can make me get out of the house to find a better view point.

20  I swore I hated adrenaline sports. Then one morning I casually decided that I wanted to skydive. Three hours later I jumped off a plane and free-fell from 15,000 ft high, exhilarated. I think this perfectly sums up what it means to be a woman.


Image courtesy of Paul Smorthit Photography.


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